Legend PC - Custom Computer Mods
The Legend PC Team have come up with a bunch of Custom Computer Mods that can turn your drab old gaming rig or plan new system into one of the kind awesome piece of art. We outsource to local professionals when we need to so all the custom mods have been professionally applied.
Give as a call, email or come in and see us if you are interested in any of the custom modes below and see what we can do to your rig and if you want something not below let us know and we will find a way to get it done.

Luxury Automotive Paint Job
Have your computer case professionally painted with Automotive Paint. From one panel to the whole case and in any colours you like including metallic finishes. Don’t put up with a dull black case or oh no a beige case, paint it metallic orange, lime green, cherry red or a mix of colours. Let your imagination run wild.

Custom Vinyl Silhouettes

Send us a silhouette image or let us locate one for you based on your theme and we will get it professionally installed on your case. Choose a colour for your vinyl silhouette image or let us pick one for you. This is a great way to personalise your rig without effecting your case warranty. Tell us your favourite game, TV series, movie or image and see what we can do for your rig. 

Custom RGB Lighting

Want custom RGB lighting in your system?
From fans to strips our techs can install RGB lighting that they will then tweak to cycle in a rainbow of colours, pulsate in one or multiple colours, colours dancing with the music or many other modes.
The right RGB can turn your system theme from good to awesome.

Custom Fan Tweaking

Fans in your system making too much noise or system over heating then bring it in and we can custom tweak your fans to make them run quiet until your system needs them at high speed or upgrade your system to super quiet liquid cooling. Rig your system for silent running.

Custom Mod Case
There are so many ways we can custom mod your computer case. From adding parts and modifying the existing layout transforming your existing case into an awesome new design or taking an existing item like an old Radio, TV, Toy and the like and making it your new case. Think Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Fallout, Ironman only your imagination sets the limits of what we can do.

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