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Unfortunately accidents do happen, whether it has been dropped, falling, liquid split, animal or child damage we can help you process your claim.

When you ring your insurance company you are often asked to send it away or take it to be assessed - this can be inconvenient. Legend PC are able to provide you with an Insurance Damage Report. We will run a full diagnostic and provide you with a written report stating how much a repair would likely cost vs replacement cost. This cost of this report is usually claimed back from your insurance company as part of your claim.


If the PC or Laptop is beyond economical repair we can supply a replacement unit which is equal or better than your damaged unit. We can also recover or transfer the data for you so you do not lose your precious photos, documents, emails or music collection.


We aim to have insurance assessment reports completed within 48 hours so you can process your claim as quickly as possible. 

Should extensive testing and dismantling be required an additional charge of $50 may apply.

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